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Firma Adresi İKİTELLİ, Istanbul, Turkey
Firmanın Bulunduğu İl İstanbul / Başakşehir
Firma Telefon +90 507 653 24 50
Firma Mail Adresi info@energco.com
Firma Websitesi https://energco.com
Firma Hakkında

Our Identity:

Energco is leading company in electrical energy sector. We provide professional training, consultation and installation services for projects related to electrical and Renewable energy. We mainly focus on the resources that have the hugest impact in our Energy security as Photovoltaic, waste to Energy and Wind.

Our mission:

To make the clever energy solutions for any need available for everyone.

Our vision:

To be the best company in the region in: training, consultation, installation and testing in the field of Renewable energy.

Why Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy resources (RESs) offer a great solution for our planet energy problems. Their advantages include high abundance, zero carbon-dioxide emission, and low running and maintenance costs. Moreover the cost per installed Watt for the most RESs is reducing dramatically. These advantages encourage increased integration of RESs into electrical systems around the world. In 2012 Germany was supplying 25% of their electrical consumption mainly from Photovoltaic sources and wind turbines. These why we are motivated to not only be contributor in this field but also leaders.

Our services:


Energco covers wide varieties of courses related to Renewable energy, Electrical energy and power systems including but not limited to:

  • Photovoltaic Plants integration with distribution power systems
  • Smart grid and Microgrid Technology and Future trends
  • Matlab/Simulink for Power System and Power Electronic
  • Feasibility study for renewable energy plants implementation
  • Understanding conventional and future power system
  • Generator and Transformer models; the per-unit system and Power load flow analysis
  • Electrical Control Circuits in Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Unbalance Quantities & Harmonics Effect on Power System
  • Grid codes for Renewable energy resources integration
  • IEEE Standards For Electric Power Systems In Buildings
  • Electrical Networks - Operations and Maintenance
  • Electrical Installation Techniques, Testing, Handover, Operation & Maintenance
  • Electrical Power Systems According to ANSI/IEEE and NEC ANSI/IEEE/NEC
  • Electrical transformers, Malfunctions, insulation, and protection
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Selection, Installation, Maintenance & Operation
  • Value Engineering - Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement
  • Financial Skills for Engineers by using Excel
  • Green Building Techniques and LEED Green Associate (GA) exam preparation
  • Green Project Management and Fundamentals of Sustainability
  • Power Distribution systems: Planning and Performance
  • Power Cable Splicing, Termination & Testing
  • Avoiding Power Transformer's Failures During  Power flow
  • Power System Stability, Control and Sustainable Power Generation


Energco provides professional consultation in Renewable energy integration sector. Our services include but not limited to: feasibility study for Photovoltaic, waste to energy and wind power plants, equipped the power systems and renewable energy laboratories, set policies for integrating renewable energy in conventional electrical grids, and suggest the recent research trend in renewable energy for research centers.


Energco has partnership with the best energy equipment suppliers. Providing engineering labs equipment is in our main focus.

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